Administrative law

Administrative law includes all the law areas in which the state acts towards the citizen. These include, among others, public building law, trade law, civil service law, environmental law, security law and regulatory law.

Note that many of the administrative law matters are regulated at both federal state and community level. Therefore, the corresponding federal state laws (e.g. Police Act (PolG) Baden-Württemberg) and ordinances must be taken into account as well as the statutes of the respective municipalities.

If necessary, I will check the applicability of administrative acts (notices, orders, etc.) for your case. The addressee of such an administrative act should react timely (immediately or at least within the allowed period) to avoid irrevocable and unfavourable legal consequences.

If an objection to an administrative act does not have suspensive effect by law or due to an official order, an application for restoration of the suspensive effect can be submitted to the court or an interim order can be applied for in order to grant the person concerned temporary legal protection. This usually requires legal help.

If an objection is not resolved, legal action is open to the administrative courts.

Typical Cases:

● Approval process
● Preparation of applications
● Review of administrative acts for their legality
● Counter-pleas and legal action
● Communication with various authorities

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