Family law

Family problems can lead to a multitude of serious conflicts. In order to settle them or to reach a solution, legal clarification is often essential.

Family law problems which require professional assistance range from marriage (especially marriage contracts) to separation or divorce proceedings, clarification of financial claims, division of the assets, recognition or contestation of paternity, child custody and the right to communicate with the child. Professional advice should be sought, especially when children’s rights are concerned.

I would be happy to advise you in all areas of family law and represent you in legal disputes — in and out of court. Years of experience let me mediate between all the involved parties in order to find the optimal solutions for your problems.

Typical Cases:
● Advice before getting married (marriage contract, etc.)
● Separation / divorce
● Spouse, child, and parent maintenance
● Partition of property
● Partition of profit
● Acknowledgment of paternity
● Contesting paternity
● Child custody right
● The right to communicate with the child
● Family violence prevention

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