Criminal law

Criminal proceedings are often a very stressful and sometimes even existence-threatening situation for all affected. This applies equally to the accused as well as to his or her relatives — especially if a pre-trial detention is ordered.

In criminal proceedings, due to the exceptional situation and lack of better knowledge, the accused frequently make mistakes which are difficult to correct later. Therefore, it makes sense to get a lawyer to represent you as early as possible during the first interrogation by the police, by the public prosecutor or by any other regulatory authority.

Calling in a defense lawyer early means avoidance of fines or even imprisonment — or at least an alleviation of the sanctions. The preliminary coercive measures (e.g. pre-trial detention) might be stopped or alleviated as well.

Please mind that the first thing you should do in every threatening situation is contacting your criminal defense lawyers. Avoid disclosing any information on the matter without consulting with them prior.

Typical Cases:

● Criminal law for foreigners
● Juvenile criminal cases
● Narcotics criminal cases
● Sex offenses
● Traffic offenses and administrative offenses
● Property Crimes
● Violent Crimes
● Revisions in criminal matters

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