Tenancy law

Tenancies constantly give rise to many disputes, which can usually be resolved better and faster if you seek advice directly from a lawyer. Otherwise the price of errors and misunderstantings might be too high. The most important decision making guide in tenancy law is the tenancy agreement. The individual questions of a tenancy are regulated here.

For example, it is important for the tenant to understand when an apartment can be judged to be defective and under what circumstances he or she is entitled to reduce the rent. The frequently asked questions coming from tenants are: is it possible to move out before the notice period expiration if a new tenant is available? What rights are derived from the rental agreement? Have the ancillary costs or operating costs been billed correctly?

Landlords are naturally interested in regular and timely payments and waht their appartmemets to freed timely and in proper condition. Their questions are: is the tenant entitled to reduce the rent? Can a rent increase be demanded when the tenand does not fulfills certain obligantuions and requierements?

Should any tenancy law problem arise I can act on your behalf in legal disputes both in-court and out-of-court.


● Rental agreement – drafting and advice
● Rent increase
● Defects in the rental property
● Service charge settlement
● Operating cost
● Contract Termination
● New tenant

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