Law Areas

Law Areas

Employment Law

In addition to representing my clients in numerous dismissal protection suits, a special focus of my office is legal assistance during preparation, termination and editing of service and employment contracts. Labor law contains numerous formalities and deadlines that many people are unaware of. Failure to fulfil them […]

Administrative law

Administrative law includes all the law areas in which the state acts towards the citizen. These include, among others, public building law, trade law, civil service law, environmental law, security law and regulatory law. Note that many of the administrative law matters are regulated at both federal state and community level. Therefore, the […]

Immigration law

Foreign citizens are repeatedly faced with numerous legal problems. Disputes can arise when applying for a visa or after the entering into the Federal Republic of Germany. One of the peculiarities of immigration law are the constantly changing statutory provisions due to the implementation of the European Union’s directives and regulations. These are extremely complex and difficult to understand. Therefore […]

Criminal law

Criminal proceedings are often a very stressful and sometimes even existence-threatening situation for all affected. This applies equally to the accused as well as to his or her relatives — especially if a pre-trial detention is ordered. In criminal proceedings, due to the exceptional situation […]

Family law

Family problems can lead to a multitude of serious conflicts. In order to settle them or to reach a solution, legal clarification is often essential. Family law problems which require professional assistance range from marriage (especially marriage contracts) to separation or divorce proceedings, clarification of […]

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